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MTMTE Drabbles

Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers characters. I make no profit from this.

Ratings vary from PG to NC-17. Read the warnings. Pairings include:
Overlord/Fortress Maximus
Rung/Fortress Maximus; Rodimus/Ultra Magnus

Title: Pretty Toy
Pairing: Overlord/Fortress Maximus
Rating: R
Warnings: AU, dark, gore, non-con, slash

Overlord loomed over Fortress Maximus, admiring his handiwork of broken limbs, gouged metal, exposed wires and tubes, and lavender fluid splattered everywhere. He had tortured many bots in his lifetime, but Fortress Maximus was his favorite, his work of art. Never had a bot responded with such beautiful cries of agony, gorgeous facial features twisting exquisitely with every pull, stab, or punch. He particularly enjoyed sawing off Fortress Maximus’ right arm at the elbow. The tool had been dull and rusty, so it was a slow, excruciating process, and he was amazed that Fortress Maximus hadn’t passed out or gone insane, cursing his name and putting on a brave face through the whole ordeal.

"I must admit…you’re an impressive bot, Fortress Maximus," Overload muttered as he traced his fingers over the warrior’s broken chassis, twirling several large tubes with his digits. "Many would have died by now…but you persist…and have yet to be broken. I wonder…how long will it be before you plead for me to--"

"You will never break me Decepticon scum!" Fortress Maximus snarled.

Overlord let out a dark chuckle. "Is that so? You should know better than to issue me a challenge, my pretty toy." He wrapped a few tubes around his fingers. "But where do I begin? There are so many ways I could make you scream." He began pulling on the tubes, making Fortress Maximus hiss. "For instance, if I were to pull on this tubing a certain way…you would experience the worst kind of pain."

Fortress Maximus screamed in agony when the tubing was twisted and yanked hard, creating a tearing, searing sensation that traveled through his frame.

"Hmm…I could spend all day and night just listening to your beautiful cries," Overload cooed as he loosened his hold on the tubing. "Such sweet music to my audios." He massaged the tubing, making Fortress Maximus quiver. "But I can also create pleasure. I could bring you to the brink of overload with a few simple licks or sucks."

Fortress Maximus’ optics flashed brightly as Overload’s lips and glossa touched the tubing in his chassis, wailing in bliss as the Decepticon suckled the sensitive area. "N--Ngh! A--Ah! Ah! Stop! Stop, you sick piece of---ooooh!"

Overload smirked and lapped the damp tubing, occasionally dragging his dentals over the rubbery surface. "Stop? But that would be a cruel thing to do when you’ve got such a large charge building in your body. You need to overload. I wouldn’t want you to fry your circuitry or your processor and loose my pretty toy so early. No, I’m going to keep you alive for as long as possible to savor your magnificent body."

"N--No! No! Reinforcements will come!" Fortress Maximus yelled. "Ah! I’ll tear you apart for this!"

"Such passion!" Overload exclaimed with a haughty laugh. "That’s what I love about you, my pretty toy. It’s never a dull moment with you." He nipped at the tubing, causing Fortress Maximus to cry and buck. "Now, how about we get back to making you overload? Enjoy the pleasure while you can. I’ll get back to tearing pieces off of you soon enough."

Title: Pleasurable Therapy
Pairing: Rung/Fortress Maximus; Rodimus/Ultra Magnus
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: AU, anal, size kink, slash, sticky, voyeur
A/N: Somewhat an alternate ending to MTMTE issue Interiors, because I hated the ending. HATED IT.

Rodimus licked his lips as he watched the monitor in front of him, optics glazed with lust from the erotic sight before him. Rung was spread out on a berth, writhing and screaming as Fortress Maximus slowly moved above the psychiatrist. When Rung had suggested a more ‘hands on’ form of therapy with Fortress Maximus, Ultra Magnus had been against it, but being leader, and extremely curious, he granted permission to the psychiatrist on the condition that all sessions would be monitored in case Fortress Maximus had another breakdown. The behemoth would also be kept chained in the brig and mobility would be limited, but there was just enough room for Fortress Maximus to maneuver on the berth and make Rung wail in bliss.

Sliding back his lower plating, he released his stiff cable and wrapped a servo around his arousal, languidly pumping as Fortress Maximus rocked into Rung. He never thought Fortress Maximus would have been able to fit into Rung. Well, not entirely fit. That was impossible due to size difference. Rung was dwarfed by Fortress Maximus, and only the wide tip of the warrior’s cable was pressing in and out of the psychiatrist’s tiny aft, port rim stretched wide and stained with lubricant. Now he understood why Ratchet had ordered mandatory berth rest after these sessions. Rung wasn’t going to be able to walk for a very long time.

"Enjoying yourself?"

Rodimus tilted his helm and smirked at Ultra Magnus. "Of course." He turned around with a chuckle when Ultra Magnus scowled at him. "Don’t give me that look. Someone has to keep an eye on Rung in case things go bad….but there’s really no need to worry. I’d say Rung has done an excellent job of taming Fortress Maximus." He licked his lips again from the expression of pure ecstasy on Rung’s face. "Rung also seems to be enjoying himself. Hard not to get turned on watching those two. Just look at them. I--"

He was cut off when Ultra Magnus hauled him up and slammed him down on the control panel, mouth covering his own in a ferocious kiss. After the initial shock of Ultra Magnus’ aggressive behavior, he responded with his own ferocity, ramming his glossa into the older mech’s mouth, mewling when his aft plating was pried open and thick fingers slammed into his wet port. Interfacing was usually gentle with Ultra Magnus, and getting the older mech to be rough with him was rare.

"M--Magnus…ungh!" Rodimus snarled as the fingers within him curled and grazed over sensor clusters. "Take me! Take me now!"

Withdrawing his fingers, Ultra Magnus flipped Rodimus around and jammed the smaller mech’s face against the control panel while forcing the orange bot’s arms back. Rodimus shuddered in anticipation when stassis cuffs latched around his wrists and Ultra Magnus’ thick cable glided over his aft, but he growled in frustration when the older mech refused to enter him.

"I should just leave you here…tied up and alone… and unable to overload," Ultra Magnus growled as he smacked Rodimus’ aft.

"You wouldn’t dare!" Rodimus snapped. "That’s torture! Please, don’t leave me like this!"

"Well…you did say please," Ultra Magnus sighed, "and I suppose I should reward you for such…nice manners."

Hot thickness spread Rodimus’ port walls open, and he screamed as Ultra Magnus’ girth slipped deeper. The pleasured wails coming from the monitor heightened his pleasure, and he gazed back up at the screen to find Fortress Maximus rocking harder into Rung, making the psychiatrist claw at the berth and the warrior’s tense back. Pink lubricant splattered over Rung’s belly as the pyshiatrist climaxed with a long scream, and Fortress Maximus suddenly hauled the mech up in strong arms, cable tip popping out and shooting lubricant over the smaller bot’s back. Rung whimpered and sensually kissed Fortress Maximus, causing the larger mech to moan and hungrily kiss back, glossas twining together

Ultra Magnus’ thrusts intensified, jarring him harder into the control panel, rough movements bringing him to climax with a blissful cry. Hot liquid filled his passage, and Ultra Magnus slumped against his back with a low moan, placing a gentle kiss on his shoulder. Too soon for his liking, Ultra Magnus pulled out but didn’t remove the cuffs binding his arms.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Rodimus asked as he tilted his helm, optics widening when he saw Ultra Magnus heading for the door. "Where are you going? Get back here and undo these cuffs!"

"Don’t worry," Ultra Magnus stated. "I’ll return in a bit to free you. I need to check up on Rung and Fortress Maximus right now. Ratchet is going to need some help transporting Rung to the medibay for an examination. After taking on a mech that size, we have to make sure there are no internal injuries. It could take a while…but I’m sure you’ll be fine until my return. Of course, you could call someone else to help you…but then they would see you tied up and dripping my fluids from your aft. Quite a sight."

Rodimus seethed as Ultra Magnus disappeared from view. Yelling wasn’t going to get the older mech back and could end up attracting unwanted attention. He had no choice but to wait and plot revenge.

Title: Fixation
Pairing: Tailgate (one-sided Tailgate/Cyclonus)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: AU, masturbation, mentioned violence, slash, sticky

Tailgate knew it was dangerous sneaking into his old room that he had shared with Cyclonus after their short friendship had disintegrated. He didn’t want to experience another brutal beating, but he couldn’t resist his urges. He had been attracted to Cyclonus, but he was never able to express his feelings.

Once inside, briefly stunned that the security code hadn’t been changed since his departure, he headed over to the wide berth and grabbed the blanket on it, retracting his mask and bringing the soft fabric to his face. Deeply inhaling, he shuddered and sank on the berth as Cyclonus’ scent filtered through his olfactory sensors. Laying down, he wrapped the blanket around a portion of his body and squirmed as his body began to heat up, sliding back his lowering plating and reaching down to slowly pump his aching cable. Nuzzling against the satin fabric, he imagined it was Cyclonus languidly stroking his cable, large body pressed against his back, soft lips dragging over his neck and shoulder, and groin grinding into his aft. It only took a few more pumps before his aroused body reached its peak, biting down on the blanket to muffle his sob of pleasure.

When the aftershocks of his overload subsided, he cleaned himself up and found a replacement blanket for the berth, carrying out the one in his servo, still inhaling Cyclonus’ intoxicating scent. He could get a few more uses out of the blanket before coming back to steal another fix. So caught up in his prize, he didn’t see Cyclonus watching him at the opposite end of the hallway.

Title: Confessions
Pairing: Tailgate/Cyclonus
Rating: PG
Warnings: AU, fluff, mentioned violence, slash

After having a few rounds of high grade at Swerve’s bar, Tailgate staggered back to his room, mask retracted so he could drink more easily from a cube he was carrying, although most of the fluid splattered along the floor. Stumbling inside, his optics widened behind his visor when he was greeted by the vision of Cyclonus lounging on his berth.

"W--What are you doing in my room?" Tailgate stammered.

"I should be asking you that," Cyclonus responded. "I know you’ve been sneaking into my room."

"D--Don’t be mad," Tailgate stuttered in fear. "I didn’t wreck or steal anything important. I just took a few blankets."

"I’m not mad," Cyclonus sighed. "I wasn’t expecting an Autobot to be interested in me, especially you…after what happened." He stood from the berth and walked over to a trembling Tailgate, wrapping his arms gently around the smaller mech. "Trying to adapt to Autobot customs on this ship has been difficult, but I am trying…and I do…feel…guilt…for…striking you."

"You’re actually apologizing?" Tailgate chuckled as he nuzzled Cyclonus’ neck. "It didn’t hurt that bad…and I did provoke you."

"You punched me in the arm," Cyclonus muttered., "but when I was in the Decepticon army…any type of violence was met back with violence. If you didn’t fight, you were weak and a liability. Liabilities were terminated." He lifted Tailgate and cradled the smaller mech in his arms as he carried the bot back over to the berth. "There was another reason I was so quick to dispatch you. I…was uncomfortable with your presence. You’re kindness…you’re acceptance of me…was foreign. I didn’t know what to make of it, and I soon realized that I was starting to…develop…feelings…for you. Decepticon relationships…if you can even call them that…are brutal and painful…many of which--"

"Stop," Tailgate murmured. "I’m not a Decepticon."

"I know," Cyclonus mumbled, "but I am, and I always will be. Many won’t approve if we form a relationship."

"I don’t care," Tailgate growled. "I want to be with you. Only you." He gazed up into Cyclonus’ optics. "But do you think…you can put up with me? Most bots find my…personality…annoying."

Cyclonus leaned forward and hesitantly kissed Tailgate, shuddering when the smaller mech’s lips parted and allowed his glossa entrance. Keeping Tailgate snug in his arms, he tugged up a blanket to cocoon their bodies, reluctantly breaking the kiss when it started to become too intense and fuel his growing arousal.

"Slow," Cyclonus murmured. "We need to take this…slow."

Tailgate wanted to argue, desperate to interface after all this time of lusting after Cyclonus, but he kept quiet and snuggled against the larger mech. Having a warm body next to his lulled him into recharge.

Cyclonus smirked as he watched Tailgate sleep. "Annoying? Hardly. Out of all the bots aboard this cramped ship, you’re the only one I like."

Title: Special Treatment
Pairing: Tailgate/Cyclonus
Rating: NC17
Warnings: AU, anal, slash, sticky

Cyclonus woke from recharge to mewling noises and a body squirming beside him, helm tilting and grumbling when he saw Tailgate grinding against the berth, visor still dim with sleep. Since their relationship began a week ago, Tailgate had been plagued with erotic dreams and nocturnal emissions. He had initially been wary of interfacing, fearful that he would be too rough with Tailgate and scare the smaller mech off, but his own desires were getting difficult to handle too. Extending a servo, he firmly patted Tailgate on the back, which gradually stirred the smaller mech out of erotic dreamland.

"N--Ngh…mmm?" Tailgate muttered as his visor brightened. "O--Oh…slag…not again. I’m sorry, Cyclonus."

Pulling down the blanket, Cyclonus flipped over and mounted Tailgate, using his chassis to keep the smaller mech pinned as he licked, sucked, and bite the bot’s neck cables. Tailgate bucked and whined in response, aft bumping his groin and making him moan from the friction.

"C--Cyclonus…what are you…ooh," Tailgate mewled.

"Do you want me to stop?" Cyclonus asked while sitting up.

He received his answer when Tailgate’s aft plating snapped back, mouth watering at the sight of the smaller mech’s wet port. Although tempted to devour the delectable looking opening, his waning patience urged him to prepare Tailgate’s port for his cable.

Tailgate gasped when he felt one finger press against his entrance, and his whole body froze, its attention narrowed to the finger moving around the slick lining. His intakes hitched as the finger gently pressed inside and he shuddered at the intrusion. After so many years without interfacing it felt amazing to have the aching emptiness within his opening filled. He moaned softly as the finger moved in and out of him, stretching him before a second joined the first and worked together to scissor and spread his passage. He shuddered as a third slipped in, squirming a bit in mild discomfort as he was stretched further apart, and then his whole body jerked as one of the fingers brushed over a sensor node.

"Cyclonus…so good," Tailgate whimpered, "but I want you inside. I want you so bad…for so long. Don’t make me wait any longer. It hurts. My port is so hot and throbbing. Fill me up, Cyclonus."

"Yes…yes," Cyclonus snarled.

Removing his slick fingers and freeing his arousal, Cyclonus positioned the head of his cable at Tailgate’s warm, wet entrance, struggling to keep his pace slow and gentle as he pushed in. Tailgate’s whole body shook with pleasure, lifting his hips in encouragement and crying out when Cyclonus eased further in until fully hilted within his aft. He never thought such an massive cable could fit inside him or that it would be so pleasurable, hot tingles spreading along his stretched passage. Leaning back down, Cyclonus kissed and nuzzled Tailgate’s shoulder while twining their fingers together, keeping his thrusts slow and shallow at first but quickly deepening and speeding up, savoring the satin heat that enveloped his arousal. Tailgate panted as he writhed under the onslaught of euphoria that filled him when numerous sensor clusters. Cyclonus’ name fell from his lips like a mantra as that spot was pounded into over and over, and he tipped his helm, giving the purple mech an opportunity to claim his lips in a frantic kiss. Overload crashed over him, and he writhed and bucked under the force of it, shuddering as he felt the thrusts into him become ragged followed by a rush of warm fluid. Cyclonus let out a long, snarl of bliss against Tailgate’s mouth, hungrily kissing the smaller mech when the waves of pleasure subsided.

Tailgate slumped on the berth and moaned in content. "Frag…that was amazing, Cyclonus."

Cyclonus smirked and kissed the back of Tailgate’s helm. "Do you think you’ll be able to recharge better from now on?"

Tailgate snickered, "Sure…if you keep up…the ‘special treatment’."

"Special treatment?" Cyclonus asked with a raised optic ridge. "Hmm…yes…I suppose I could help you." He nipped Tailgate’s shoulder. "We can start another special treatment right now."



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Aug. 3rd, 2012 01:50 am (UTC)
Your stories always inspire me to draw things from them, if only I wasn't so shy in showing my TF smut!
I really like your writings based in MTMTE, it's like they are the "missing pages" in the comics. It's so adorable, now everytime I flip through the pages I giggle when I get to certain pages thinking "Oh, something else happened here. Heeheehee..."

I also really liked what Cyclonus said to Tailgate, his words really made everything about any Autobot/Decepticon relationship make sudden sense, even the fluff ones. (referring to: "I…was uncomfortable with your presence. You’re kindness…you’re acceptance of me…was foreign. I didn’t know what to make of it, and I soon realized that I was starting to…develop…feelings…for you. Decepticon relationships…if you can even call them that…are brutal and painful…many of which--")
Aug. 3rd, 2012 12:22 pm (UTC)
Thank you. I'm glad you've enjoyed my work so much and thanks for all the praise. :D

I love TF smut, and I'd love to see your work. *Wink. Wink. Nudge. Nudge.*
Aug. 7th, 2012 10:53 pm (UTC)
Wow, Ultra Magnus is one naughty mech!!
Aug. 8th, 2012 08:25 pm (UTC)
He had to find some way to punish Roddy. ;)
Sep. 28th, 2012 07:55 am (UTC)
i have a new otp....its called Cyclonus/Tailgate.....im so in love witht hese two!
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